The spider, the grasshopper and the flies.

One location here in the Emirates that we frequent to do outdoor photography is Al Aqqa beach in Fujairah.  This place offers a lot of photo opportunities and in all the times that I have visited this place, I haven’t had difficulty finding subject matter to shoot.

Aside from the obvious landscape photo opportunity, this place has a lot of macro photography subjects.  A macro shot that won me an award in one local photo contest was taken at this very place.

The following are photos of one of my macro discoveries from this place, circa 2011.

grasshopper caughtIn the shrub and bushes near the beach, I found a spiderweb with a big spider in the center stealthily attached to the shrub’s branches.  On the surrounding leaves and branches, a grasshopper perched on a leaf caught my attention.  When I came closer to the grasshopper to get a better shot, it jumped out of sight.  I looked for it and found it stuck on the spiderweb with the spider already approaching it.

In an instant, the spider started wrapping the grasshopper with web coming from glands at the end of its abdomen. Within a few seconds, the grasshopper was all wrapped up in web.


After wrapping the grasshopper, the spider then injects it with venom and enzyme  to kill the prey and digest it’s internal organs into liquid which the spider will suck out later.


After capturing all these, I moved on to look for other things to photograph, as the spider left it’s wrapped prey to rest. I came back after about an hour and I was amazed at what I observed in the web. Tiny flies were all over the wrapped prey and the spider!   The spider does not seem to be bothered with all these flies.  I cannot think of any explanation for this.  Nature is just full of amazing relationships!


I was so lucky to witness and capture all these, one friday morning at Al Aqqa beach.  Photos were taken with a Fujifilm S5Pro Dslr with a Sigma 50mm f2.8 macro lens and Nikon SB-900 speedlight.


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