Two hours with the snails

It has been quite sometime now since I did macro photography.  After seeing a photo of a snail posted on FB by a friend and finding out where these tiny creatures can be found, I set out to try and photograph them. I entered the park as soon as it opened and within minutes I located the snails and where photographing them.  My background in Biology led me to find the snails in shaded areas under trees, near the roots among the dead dry leaves.

The equipment set-up that I used is quite simple.  I used a Fujifilm S5Pro Dslr with a Sigma 50mm macro lens connected to a 20mm Kenko DG extension tube.  To light up the subject, I used a diffused Nikon Sb-900 which is mounted to the camera via magic arm and remotely triggered by the camera’s built-in flash set to commander mode.

Exposure was set at 1/100s, f16 at ISO 100.  The speedlight was set to remote, 1/16 – 1/64 manual power adjusted accordingly.

Here are the resulting images….. enjoy!


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