Naeem’s Cool Stuff

It is again that time of the year when the temperature outside is almost unbearably high here in Dubai.  Outdoor photography is almost out of the question in the middle of the day.  Yesterday being my day off from work, I decided to pay my friend/photography buddy Naeem a visit at his home at the Palm Jumeirah and photograph some of his cool stuff.

Having nothing but my trusted Nikon D3 camera and a macro lens, I photographed a few of Naeem’s countless prized collectibles…. his Cartier watches, a fossilized tiger shark tooth (just one of the countless ones in his collection), a T-Rex scale model, a museum quality fossil replica of a saber toothed cat’s skull, a native American sculpture of a killer whale made from Mount St. Helen’s ash and a diamond ring.  All of these except for the fossilized tooth and the T-Rex model were photographed within two hours on site yesterday.

Here are those images…..enjoy!  Hopefully, I can photograph more of Naeem’s cool stuff these coming hot months!


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