A lizard that looks like a frog?

It was another monday morning at the desert and it seemed to be an unlucky day in comparison to the week before.  The sun was already high up in the sky, the temperature was starting to be unbearable and I still have to see a single creature to photograph.  A falcon flew by twice but since I didn’t have my birding gear with me this time, I didn’t bother to try photographing it.

After checking out one place to another unsuccessfully, I headed back to the car.  Suddenly, I saw a sand fish skink midway up a sand dune which quickly scampered up the dune and buried itself in the sand at the top.  This all happened before I can even raise my camera to photograph it!  That was one lovely specimen of a sand fish skink that I missed!

Now totally disheartened, I continued to make my way back to the car and just when everything seemed hopeless, I saw a small reptile basking itself in the sand a few meters in front of me!  It was a female toad faced agama.

I approached slowly, careful not to frighten it and make it run away.  It was my first encounter with such a lizard and I was unfamiliar with it’s method of flight.  If it buried itself in sand like other desert lizards, chances are I could easily lose the photo opportunity.  I took a few shots from a distance just to make sure I got images of it, then made my approach slowly and at the same time taking more shots as I got closer.  At one point, when I got to close, the lizard raised it’s tail and started raising and lowering it then scampered a few meters away.  I went after it, took a few shots and again it sprinted away for a few meters.  That was to go on a few more times till I felt I got the shots that I wanted and I didn’t want to stress the creature anymore than I did.  So I let it be and moved on, thanking it the same time.

Here are a few of those images….. enjoy! =)





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