Going mirrorless

For as long as I remember,  in the age of digital photography,  I have dreamed of using and having a camera that is small, compact and light enough for me to carry around with me everywhere and anywhere I go.  More than just being compact and light, it should be capable of capturing good, high quality images like what I normally get from my Dslr camera.

About a month ago, I bought my first mirrorless camera.  I got me a Fujifilm X-M1 which was on a clearance sale.  I got this entry-level mirrorless camera just to try out this new system and see for myself if it will workout for me.

Just as I intended, I took the camera with me everywhere I went and it was just swell since the camera was so light and compact and its performance was even beyond my expectations!  Although the camera did not have a viewfinder like my Dslr camera, only a tilting LCD screen, I was able to take angled shots that was difficult to take with a fixed viewfinder.  The absence of a mirror that swings up and down during exposure, made it possible for me to take slow shutter speed shots of down to 1/4 sec. handheld. This camera could do a lot of other things which would have been difficult with a Dslr.  It is not as fast as my Dslr but I do not intend to use it for speed, it is a camera for another purpose, a companion camera for everyday.  I even took it with me on my vacation to my home country, the Philippines.

I took a lot of different photos and even some videos with this camera, here are some of the images I got with Fujifilm X-M1.  Enjoy.  For more images, you can visit my FB page and view the album….https://www.facebook.com/mikegvelasco/media_set?set=a.10209159344602342.1073741858.1281756485&type=3



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