Images from a photo holiday back home.

Being an expat here in Dubai for years now, there’s nothing more exciting than a vacation back to my home country the Philippines.  I always look forward to this change in environment which I consider a photo holiday.  Although I may have not ventured far from my home in Legazpi city next to the iconic Mayon volcano which is considered to be the volcano with the perfect cone, I was never without worthwhile photography subjects.

Being in the tropics, there’s life in every nook and cranny, I had great time shooting in macro!


Wildlife, particularly birds are everywhere!  Although I found them to be more elusive or shy with humans as compared to here in Dubai, I managed to photograph some decent photos.

The flora was fantastic too!  Just could not help but photograph them.

I also had a couple of people shots worth showing.  Poor countryside children engrossed in playing a game using tin bottle caps, oblivious of their cluttered, chaotic environment and a man cycling to work at sunrise.

Those 30 days back home was a blast.  There’s no place like home……until next time!



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