Got the Arabian Horned Viper!

It was an unusually fine summer night out in the deserts of Dubai.  It was not hot and humid as it should be this time of the year, I did not even break a sweat during this 4 hour desert night in search of my first Arabian Horned Viper.  I was looking for this viper which has eluded be for sometime now, with a different companion in an easier terrain at a different smaller location.  Mathilda, my companion during this desert night trek, was quite adept at spotting and identifying all the tracks that crisscrossed the desert surface.  She was quite methodological in tracking the viper we were looking for and thus she has a very good success rate.

It was really a relaxed desert night trek, more like a stroll in the park and after a little less than 2 hours, we hit the jackpot!  There it was, my very first Arabian Horned Viper!  Somewhere in the middle of a slope of an embankment of sand was the viper partly buried in sand beside some small dried shrubs laying in wait for prey.

We observed and photographed this lovely, docile, mature specimen of a “hornless” Arabian Horned Viper for almost an hour. Below are some of the images I got of this lovely viper.  Enjoy =)


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