New life to old images

Over the years of taking digital photos, I have amassed thousands of images in hard drives.  Some of these images were post processed and posted online.  A vast majority were not post processed mainly for the reason that I could not post process them as I envisioned them when I took those images.  I kept those unprocessed images hoping that someday I will have use for them and have the ability to process them according to how I envisioned them.

I am glad that I held on to those images because now, long after those images were taken, I can more or less post process them as I envisioned them.  Technology has advanced rapidly over time.  Today’s post processing software is so much more capable.

For a few years, I used to shoot only in jpeg and thus I could not with software of that time post process these images to how I envisioned them and get decent quality results.  All these has changed today, I can now post process my old jpeg images and get the results that I am after.


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