Super moon Fail

Almost a month ago today, there was excitement about the last super moon which was to be the closest that the full moon will ever be to earth since January, 1948. The next one like this will be on November, 2034 and only God knows if I will be able to witness that.

I found out about this rare celestial event a few days before it was to happen and luckily it was on my day off from work.  I was excited to capture that event and did research on it as much as I can.  I arrived on location about one hour before the super moon was set to rise with two cameras set on  tripods and waited.  I only had a general bearing on where the moon would rise and I did not have a compass with me because I could not find mine.  Facing the general direction of the moon rise, I set up two cameras, one with a long telephoto lens for a close up of the moon and one with a shorter telephoto lens for a more general view.  I composed the views that I intended to capture though I did not know the exact location where the moon would rise, I just hoped that I won’t be to far off.  I was wrong, when the moon rose, I was very far off target.  I could not change location fast enough with two cameras on tripods to move.  Rattled and dismayed, I just had to photograph what I could, given my predicament!  No super moon in sight!




This is how I envisioned the moon rise roughly with the short telephoto lens.


This is how I envisioned the moon rise roughly using the long telephoto lens with the moon rising in between the two hotels.


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