A deconstructed living dinosaur

About a week ago, I went on a long road trip on my own to look for something to photograph.  I haven’t done this for quite sometime and I was excited to find out where the road will lead me.  After about five hours driving around and a few stops along the way, I came across this “small zoo” in one of the emirates here in the UAE.  Having a few hours of sunlight left and the fact that I was at least two hours away from home, I entered to explore the mini-zoo.

Right beyond the entrance, was the Nile crocodile enclosure and so that was where I started taking photos.  The fence around the moat was up to my chest and the 4 crocodiles were close by.  I did not bother to change my favorite 300mm lens with 1.4tc on my Nikon D3 and just snapped away.  Using a telephoto lens with such a close subject yielded close-up and isolated images which I personally favor.

Here’s my “deconstructed” Nile crocodile images. Enjoy! =)


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