untitled-(1-of-1)-203nikPhotography is my passion.  Photography is my life.

My love for photography started way back when I was in high school.  I have been at it ever since my father bought me my very first SLR camera more than 30 years ago.  Photography was all that I wanted to do and thus it was my profession for sometime.  Now, I do photography just for the love of it.  Photography started as a hobby, became my profession, and now, I am just doing it more as an expression.

I have always been fascinated with images, paintings and photographs; and since I can’t draw, photography was the next logical way to go.

There were two prominent photographers whose photographs I really admired when I started.  They were Ansel Adams and Pete Turner.  Their work inspired me and greatly influenced my work.  My preference for either “colorful” monochrome images and or bold, graphic and vivid colored images were their influence on how I treat  my photographs.


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  1. Your photos are amazing, absolutely amazing! This is my favorite blog on wordpress. I wish you the best of luck and I really look forward to your next posts! Cheers, Nataly

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